About Us

Giovanna's Bakery is nestled in the heart of picturesque Downtown Covington. Founded, owned, and operated by Michael Cancella. Our bakery's name hales from his youngest daughter Giovanna. While Giovanna's bakery specializes in custom and wedding cakes; we also have a wide variety of gourmet pastries and desserts that are crafted by only the best ingredients. We pride ourselves in the consistency and freshness of each one of our products. Whether you are purchasing your wedding cake, or stopping by to pick up a sweet treat, you can be rest assured that you are getting only the highest of quality products. 

Meet Our Team

Omri- Manager

(pictured right)

Omri is an exceptionally skilled pastry chef who has had the opportunity to study abroad while perfecting her trade. She is truly a master of her craft.

"I started baking with my grandmother when I was little. I loved the exact measurements and the science behind baking. Using the same ingredients to get completely different results. I went to Louisiana Culinary Institute in Baton Rouge. This is where my love for French Pasty grew. As soon as I graduated I packed my things for a 7 month internship at a L'Oasis, a 4 star restaurant on the French Rivera."

Lauren- Manager

(pictured left) 

Lauren is very talented and dedicated to her profession. She graduated from Nicholls State University with a bachelor's degree of Science in Culinary Arts. 

"My dad always decorated our birthday cakes as a hobby and I wanted to learn from him. I ended up loving it and enjoying eating the fruit of my labor. After making cakes and treats for friends and family I realized it was my passion to create something someone would be pleased with it."


Marion has an incredible eye for aesthetic detail and her creativity shines through with every cake she decorates. She is completely self taught and extraordinarily talented.

"I started decorating cakes 8 years ago when it was my youngest's birthday and wanted to give her an amazing cake. I'll tell you right now I did not pull it off. But I enjoyed doing it anyway. Ever since then I've made it my goal to learn everything I can about different techniques and styles and how to make a cake the right way. Once I got all the basics I began to put my artistic style into my cakes and have grown to love it even more."


Marianne is an extremely proficient baker who constantly strives to impress! She is always working to fine-tune her skills and works diligently to insure consistency among all of our products and recopies.

"I started baking when I was 5 years old with my Maw-Maw. She owned her own bakery. I've always striven to find something I loved and enjoyed to do like she did. Working at Giovanna's has given me the opportunity to do what I love while also learning new things everyday. I love getting to create things to make our customers happy and to make their events more special.

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